2011 Sept

Aquaponics Finland in Italy: Casa Naturale

Aquaponics Finland on Hbl

2011 Jul

Aquaponics Finland on national TV.

2011 Aug

Valoya offers Aquaponics Finlandin super-efficient grow-lights.

2011 Aug

2011 Mar

AP expert and Aquaponics Finland’s partner Charlie Price explains aquaponics and presents fantastic projects by Aquaponics UK.

2011 Apr

Beginner AP enthusiast founds large-scale production unit in old factory.

2010 Oct

Australias leading aquaponics expert Murray Hallam presents his all-you-need-to-know AP video.

2011 Oct

Aquaponics Finland at Fiskarsin Ironworks as a part of the Slow Food Festivalin

2011 Oct

DIY aquaponics unit built in Helsinki

2011 Oct

Another DIY aquaponics unit built in Helsinki